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Hello everybody! I would be extremely grateful if there is any Korean speaker who lived or is living overseas and can answer a few questions for my University Assignment. The topic is Konglish (as known as Engrish) as a variety of English. I need to analyze a community use of English and how it links to the community's identity. 1.ACCENT AND PRONUNCIATION In your opinion, how is the Konglish accent/ pronunciation different from the native word in English? Are there any false friends( words that might sound and look alike but are entirely different)? 2.GRAMMAR How is Konglish grammar different from English? When you want to speak or write in English, what is or was the hardest thing to do to have a correct sentence? Are there any idioms in Konglish that we can see in English? 3.LIFE OVERSEAS IN AN ENGLISH COUNTRY Did you take part in a Korean community when you lived abroad? If yes, how did you find them? Were there any special characters in the environment that made you think °in this place should be another native speaker°? (i.e. traffic signs, restaurants, community meetings etc.) What age range use more Konglish? (younger, adult, older) How make Konglish feel you when you are using it? If you have any story, issue, an interesting fact about Konglish or your experience as a native Korean speaker overseas, could you please write me a short text? Thousand of thank you!
May 13, 2021 12:28 PM
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