May 1-3 My Holiday Putuo Mountain(the second draft) When We got to our destination, it was about 2p.m. After going to our room at the hotel, we had our simple lunch. The first afternoon, we went to the temple called Fayu Temple. The second day we got up early. Especially mom was up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. My nephew and I were 5:30. Oh! I forgot to tell you there was a terrible thing happened. Our luggage hadn't arrived with us. They said our things would be sent there in 3 days. It was unnecessary for us to check here. Because we would come back in 3 days. I thought why we having so many trivial problems? But now look back, it is normal. We went to the mountain by ropeway and came to Mount Foding, then toured the Huiji Temple. Guanyin Temple and Un-willing to go Guanyin Temple. In the afternoon,we went to an interesting sandbeach called Qian Busha. Many children liked playing there. It was comfortable and pleasant for all the people to sit on the seashore, felt the sea breeze and saw the waves washing against the rocks. That was the moment I felt the most relaxed moment during these days. I felt I was happy. But I regreted one thing, I should let my mom and nephew go down the mountain by ropeway too. But I swore, what I did was not to save money. I just wanted to took more photos. I ignored them. It was my fault.
May 16, 2021 11:13 PM
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