Alberto Malvado
Hello everybody, I hope your are having a great time. I was looking for some pictures that I took a few months ago and I found the pic that appears below and I just would like to share with all you some thoughts that came up to me when I was going back in time into my mind. First of all I have to say that I enjoy so much reading. It's a great habit but I can understand that some people may not be interest in that. I know that nowdays is possible use different devices to read E-books instead of get the book physically and also this way is cheaper by far. Personally I consider myself an old fashion person so I prefer to feel the book into my hands rather than use an electronic device. Another point is that I am encouraging myself to read books that teach me something that I can apply immediately into my life to get self development and also get progress in a laboral environment. I am sure this endeavour is worth. If you are reading a book of your language target please let me know the tittle. Maybe you could recommend me a good one. I am looking forward to reading your recommendations. Take care, until next time.
Feb 17, 2021 1:49 AM