ENGLISH WRITING. *06* A GOOD NEIGHBORDHOOD Hi friends! What’s it the best neighborhood to live in a new city? Perhaps, it’s the most important question people must solve when they move in a city that they don’t know. Even though, not only the first time you live there, but also throughout the years you spend in that city, since there will be some quarters you never visit. That’s my case, how I wrote yesterday, I’m thinking over the possibility of buying an apartment. Then, I’m weighting up the different prices around the city, having in consideration what facilities are offered by each neighborhood. But, what’s more important? Undoubtedly, it depends on each one. There’ll be people who need a nearby park, or maybe having a good school. All depends on your necessities. But I think there is some aspects what we all always want to have: safety, good communications, green areas, good schools, supermarkets, and maybe some restaurants. The aim is to achieve the best option within our budget.
Feb 17, 2021 2:20 PM