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The dream of a house in the country (translation DE -> EN) Rural exodus? That was then. Since the COVID-19 and the triumph of the home office, many city dwellers have been dreaming of a house with an own garden in the countryside. That made the real estate price rise. Anyone who has ever been seeking an apartment in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg knows how big the competition is and how high the rents are. But recently there has been a reverse trend: many Germans would like to move to the country. In May 2020, the demand for houses in the countryside rose by up to 50 per cent compared to the previous year, as the Internet provider Immobilienscout24 shared. There are several reasons for it. Due to the COVID-19 millions of people had to stay at home. For many families with children, it was torture: They were sitting together in the way too narrow apartments and they couldn't get out of each others' way. Anyone who had a balcony or a garden learnt to appreciate it. "Obviously, the corona pandemic has revived the desire for rural life," claimed Thomas Schroeter from Immobilienscout24. Therefore, the rural exodus is no longer an issue because the world of work became much more flexible during the corona. Many employees have been working at home now at the company's request and they no longer have to go to the office. It should stay that way in the future too. The triumph of the home office is a good reason to move from the expensive city apartment to a spacious country house. It's no wonder that rural estate prices have risen about 8 per cent since 2019. Will apartments in Hamburg and Munich become cheaper as a result? Probably not. Because there are still more jobs, better childcare and more cultural offers. This makes the rents and the own apartments in the cities still attractive for many people, but now, please, with a garden and balcony.
May 28, 2021 11:59 AM
Aniko アニコ
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