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When I buy something online I often do so because I cannot find the item of interest in any physical shop near me. Today, I went to a packet shop and picked up a parcel with an umbrella that I had purchased online, because I could not find a physical shop that carried any. The selection online is wider than in the physical shops. Benefits of buying in physical shops: 1. Going shopping can be a pleasurable and fun leisure activity, especially If your destination is a mall or shopping center with an exciting architecture, that besides numerous shops, hosts restaurants, theatres, and perhaps even an amusement park. 2. Clothes are often items you want to try on and feel the texture of. Buying clothes online is possible and has the advantage of a wide selection, but since trying on clothes and feeling their texture is an important part of buying apparel, the benefits of buying apparel in a physical shop may outweigh the benefits of doing so online. 3. There is an area where online shopping has no competition, and that is in the area of online grocery shopping. The convenience that online grocery shopping provides is for some families or single people a godsend. A single mother may not have the time or the energy to shop at the local physical stores, not to mention the hassle of bringing the groceries home. Single people with disabilities also benefit from online grocery shopping.
May 28, 2021 6:25 PM