Not so a long ago I took to a habit of listening a podcast on the topic about the Second World War. I am not going to give here any advertising and call names, but but only say, that is a podcast created by two chaps, who set off to the net weekly episodes where in a quite professional way they discuss a wide range of events, concerning WW2, invite interesting guests and give detailes which are new or which I have not picked up on so much before. In one of the latest episodes, for instanse, the discussion was about the importanse of Mozambique in the strategic play of games conducted by international world powers. One of the chaps is a professional historian and the other probably a former stand-up performer, greately engulfed with the subject. I believe because of the stand-up performer, who has got used to speaking in a fast non-stop away, they both speak rather rather fast, and they perform it with mild good humour. Sometimes thewords of their speech a harly squeezed together, and only by the modulation of voices and definite emphasis on significant words may give one the main idea of waht is discussed. But I the pitch and the modulation tones and the that is all besides the chance of getting learned something new, which is also rather educative. The other day I was walking along in the nearby park. The day was sunny and warm, the leaves of the trees yet green, but strangely there were not many people around; and for the sake of saving my ears from tiresome headphoses I thought I would not make much harm and disturbance to anyone if I play an episode from the podcast aloud. Of course, not aloud so aloud as a guys carryin a jukebox on his shoulder, but in a discent enough way. And how astonished was I, when after the episode had finished and the familiar final jingle played, a big stout dog which had been leading by, facing me, suddenly declared quite laudly and rather articulately on the same topic, "World! - War! - Two!"
Oct 7, 2021 4:07 PM