1/ I learning English for many reason. First , my major at university was English and I want to continue my studying also abroad so I have to improve my language as soon as possible. Second, it is an international language and we use it when we traveling. Last, it is use it in our country a lot . 2/ I study at library sometimes but most of my time in my room. I prefer to study with calm on my bed. 3/ I think one of the best way is find someone to do practice with or living in foreign country to learn fast but there is many other way if you have desire to learn you will even in your room. 4/ Yes , I like it when i found it easy 🤣 . Most of test is have to memorize book and that is a bored way to study. The efficient way is challenging, enthusiastic and practicing at the same time. 5/Yes , through watching movies, shows or news. And I prefer news it is help me a lot . 6/ I speak Turkish a little bit because I watch series everyday and this is the next language I will focus it after English. 7/ There is no specific age to learn new language, you can start any time, at any place, any age when you feel ability and desire go ahead. 8/ In my opinion, I find ease to memorrize new terms but sometimes I don't know how and when to use it. Otherwise, we can learning Grammar by reading, listening or practicing.
Dec 2, 2020 1:07 PM