Day 2. Hi everyone! Yesterday I started to tell about my experience in studying Spanish. The headcoach of my favourite football team was argentinian and for some time I had to listen to his English press-conferences. This guy had the funniest accent I've ever heard in my life. After a month or so I started to notice some patterns in his pronunciation. It allowed me to made some assumptions about Spanish reading rules. At the end I just opened Spanish textbook to check my assumptions. Since that I haven't spent a day without Spanish. I has been learning English about 18 years I think and I'm a bit boring with it now. But Spanish gave me the forgotten feeling of discovery which I think accompanies studying not only Spanish or English but anything - math, history, literature. It's important to have an interest in something and it could lead you to unexpected places. When I heard Spanish conversation as a person who was going to learn this language for the first time I was a bit shocked. They speak so quickly that I barely could notice pauses between the sentences, I'm not even talking about the words. Spanish is the second fastest language in the world. Only Japanese is faster. It seemed unusual, I didn't have this problem in English, but in Spanish you have to speak quicker than you think. It is obviously impossible. BUT. It's true for Spanish of Spain. It's a thing I didn't know earlier. All we know that there are American English and British English. The same thing exists in Spanish. Español is a language of Spain. But there are about 500 millions speak Spanish around the world. Spanish of South and Latin America is called 'latino' or 'castellano'. They speak not so fast and much clearer, with some peculiarities. And I decided to start with studying 'latino'. I'll be appreciated for any corrections.
Dec 2, 2020 1:21 PM