#moreфон2020 - Day 2 📍STREET ART📍 Today I’d like to share a couple of thoughts on street art. I’ve been seeing tons of criticism about it recently. Let me tell ya a little story. A few months ago some street artist painted the portrait of Brodsky on some of the streets of St. Petersburg. For some reason, it was considered as vandalism and local authorities had to paint the whole portrait over. It backfired on them when the public started writing some of the Brodsky’s poems on the same place again and again. People were continuously fighting for this piece of wall, but the authorities would never give up, refusing to declare this place a new sightseeing. Now remember “Viktor Tsoi wall”? This is the same memorial born by the public, located in the heart of Moscow, yet not destroyed! What’s the difference here? How do I know if it’s vandalism or a piece of art these days?
Dec 2, 2020 6:46 PM