Day 3. Do you often win anything? Recently I participated in one giveaway where you could earn a prize by writing comments and liking posts. I only needed to be active during 1 week or so in a community of one shop in a Russian social network 'vkontakte'. This community isn't very big (at least now) so I can't say the competition was fierce. That's why on Tuesday I learned that I won🥳 So yesterday I picked up my prize-these 2 teas and Turkish delight and I'm very grateful for this😊 Also on Tuesday I won some grammar course of Italian (I haven't received it yet) in another group vkontakte. There is also some other prize which is a surprise for me now😱 I suppose it is a textbook. The condition of this giveaway was making a repost. Two victories in giveaways on one day, not bad✌️(Feel free to correct my mistakes :)
Dec 3, 2020 12:45 PM
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December 3, 2020