#moreфон2020 Day 4. Planning and keeping notes. Trello,google keep,notion,todoist and others-there a lot of apps for planning and keeping notes at your devices. 10 years ago, when I just started study at university, my best helper in planning days and writing notes was little pink notebook. Lists of endless tasks, dates of groupmates' birthdays,unusual ways to solve systems of equations and checking criterions were at this little pink helper and other notebooks. Years later,apps replace notebooks,but just in the part of keeping short notes and plans.First app I tried was Colornote, where notes could be moved on the main screen, and they looked like like stickers. Then I tried using TickTick,Anydo,Notion,EasyNotes. Now my favourite apps are Google Keep,Trello (for using by teams).
Dec 4, 2020 3:47 PM