#moreфон2020 - Day 4 🌚 Moon 🌚 (lol that’s my favorite emoji) Alright, my lazy brain doesn’t really wanna come up with the ideas for a new post today, so I decided to pick smth out from the topic list and... OMG, it’s “Moon”! I realized that I’ve got a gorgeous picture of the Moon which I feel like sharing with ya. This one was taken in Crimea about 3 months ago, but I still wonder how on earth I was that lucky to catch the Moon so perfectly. The truth is, you just gotta find the right spot and the right time. I mean, it’s all about balance. Let me guide you through it: Take a look at that sky fading away from blue to rather pink. See? Now check out the sea right below - they are a perfect match. The sunset does all the work here anyway... And finally, the Moon’s role is rather simple here, yet genius. They call it “cherry on top” I guess 🌚
Dec 4, 2020 5:38 PM