#moreфон2020 More volnuyetsya #4🌖 The 4th day in a row I make some notes, which has never happened before (because of forgetfulness, or bailed on), and the feeling if like I am all over the moon!  🌝 As you may notice I’m not an Insta person and posts appear here once in a blue moon. But the fact that about 5 years ago I moonlighted as a content-manager. Is it a reversion to writing?🤭 🌑 Reflecting on today’s topic, off the top of my head, the parade of planets at the beginning of July. This is when the planets of the solar system line up. I was watching the sky and feeling magic in the air, and when I could find one more bright spot, I rejoiced like a kid, all over the moon!  🌛 The next such parade is expected in 2161. 🌗 Hope you not mooned away while were reading this post 🙃 And the very last one: how many “MOON”-words did you count?
Dec 4, 2020 9:59 PM