Day 5 Fragrance #moreфон2020 I like parfume.. this is one of the best gifts for me... early 😁 Nowadays I am “a girl with drones” and I like to do with it something. When you work with the real equipment, you have many funny cases: 👉 drone doesn’t work 👉 drone starts work unexpectedly 👉 drone flies in the wrong area: on your workplace or at the roof 👉 drone makes parking at the net 👉 something exploded...for example, a solder 👉 many many other cases... P.S. If you feel the fragrance and you see the smoke, you should understand that you need to replace your electronics 😅 P.P.S. Unfortunately, The italki platform can’t able to support video sharing, that’s why here will be only screenshots. If you are interested, kindly find, the full video here
Dec 5, 2020 1:12 PM
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Hahah😅, it is like in programming: - Why it code isn't working?! Tomorrow: - Why it code is working?
December 5, 2020