Вадим Борисов
#moreфон2020 Fragrance ICNAN'19 After being in Vellore I had two days for trip in Chennai. I wanted to visit serfing school on the Kovalam Beach and buy some gifts for my wife and relatives. I went from Convastay Ambrosia, where I lived to Spencer plaza mall, because it was the nearest Mall from my hotel. When I was passing by Greams Road I saw Ajmal parfume store. I didn't like parfume, but I knew that oriental parfumes were excelent. I came in Ajmal parfume store and I was surprised very much, because there're not so many strong smells how usually in parfume stores. I remembered that parfumes were the best gifts for women. I bought two parfume bottles and took some parfume samples for free. When I gave the perfume to my wife and mother, they were very happy. My wife liked "Musk rose" very much and I its too. This parfume has strong fragrance for the first time and keeps the scent of a rose for over a week. Ajmal perfume is the best parfume which I know. How I went to the Spencer Plaza and to the Kovalam beach, I will tell you next time. Today I have no time for that!
Dec 5, 2020 4:32 PM