What is language learning for me? Learn English? Why am I doing this? For me, English is the key to the world of books and movies. I love to read, and I always wanted to start reading books in the original, without translation. This better reflects the author's thought. His feeling. Translation always changes the content slightly. The second reason is music. I want to understand what is being sung in songs that I like. It's hard for me to listen to English songs now. For me, the text and meaning of the composition are very important, not just the music and arrangement. Learning a language gives you this opportunity. I also like to watch TV shows. I also want to watch them in the original. I dream of seeing Doctor Who, for example :)) Why do you learn languages? What is your main motivation? Why do you learn rare languages? This is very interesting! I will be glad to hear your answers!
Dec 6, 2020 3:51 AM