Day 6/30 Creativity Creativity is a unique characteristic of the human race. Of all the creatures inhabiting this planet, only humans have the ability of abstract thinking and creativity. Our history is the history of human creativity and innovations. From the first steps that people took on the Earth, the tools and weapons they created to hunt for food to the modern art, pictures, cathedrals, skyscrapers, music, cinematography. Creativity and innovation are what created the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK, Louvre and Hermitage and many many more. Exploring thoughts and ideas can be expressed by people in many ways. It can be expressed through drawing, writing, singing, crafting, making things. Creativity is different to everyone, but everyone is creative in their own ways. Sometimes, in order to be creative, you have to look at the things from the different perspective. Some people are born with talent, some have to spend plenty of hours, days, years to achieve something and develop creative abilities. As for me, I am keen on drawing with professional alcohol based markers (I prefer Japanese Copic). I think they are the best, you can creat gradient, shades, mix colours. I even illustrated my friend's book (it is about adventure of mushrooms on French). Here are some of my works.
Dec 6, 2020 10:39 AM
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OMG!These pictures are so beautiful. I like painting too!!
December 6, 2020
Wow! So many artists in here 😯 I wish I could draw like that!
December 6, 2020