Hi, the best community! As the coming year is devoted to the Bull, I decided to gather some idioms which are tied to this stubborn but honest animal. This turned out in a little appeal for those who still hesitate to take part in the #moreфон2020 ☺ ❤❤❤You know that sharing your own ideas and arts in any social network is quite a challenge. People could be ~bully~, they are quick to stress and ridicule a tiniest mistake. And there's no point in ~locking the horns wwith~ the haters - you won't influence on them and they don't deserve your nerves! You should become more ~bullheaded~, go straight to your dreams and fight all obstacles. But all of us need a support and friendly advice. And I know people who would gladly help you! Seriously, I'm ~not shooting the bull~! Join our Maraфон, write your diaries, share your emotions and finally ~take the bull by the horns~ and begin to improve your English and overcome at all the language barrier and fear of mistakes! So ~don't take the bull~ from anyone - come here and make sure - our Community is the best!
Dec 6, 2020 4:42 PM
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This post is really cool, entertaining and educative)
December 6, 2020
Nice idioms and great message to all English language learners! Maybe these phrases really will help somebody to write better during the challenge 😃
December 6, 2020