Faheem Chishti
Hey community! This is my second account on italki because my last account is lost somehow, when the italki got its new design. Anyway, I use to talk with an anonymous person with ID: BLIP NOCEIBI here. Among other chat friends, this particular person comes to my mind again and again. I joined italki second time so that i could talk with this person again. I want to admit that i actually miss my anonymous friend here. I guess she was a girl, as He/She never revealed the true identity. She did not want that. Although, I think its important for a proper communication to take place, i continued to chat with her. We use to talk and discuss religious beliefs and music. Those chats are still fresh in my memories. I wish if it is possible to connect and chat with that friend again. I wish she could read the post and add me again if still here.
Dec 7, 2020 4:38 AM