Undoubtedly during the last two decades living standard has steadily risen. On the other hand, crime rates haven't similarly changed. To find ways in reducing crime, firstly we should identify the reasons for someone to commit a crime. One main cause leading to augmented crime rates is the increasing welfare gap between extremely poor and very rich people. Similar to the above reason is the less opportunities in education that poor people have in comparison with wealthier population. Finally, in the era of new technology and social media, people tend to isolate, have fewer real friends, and feel more depressed than ever, leading to drug or alcohol addiction and violent behaviour. The necessary actions to tackle crime rates should be the decline of poverty, the increase of education opportunities and better education regarding recent technologies and social media. In conclusion, I strongly believe that we should come back to the old school days where a child lived a real life not an illusion in screen.
Feb 2, 2022 9:15 PM