Banlav Marbel
Community Tutor
Use prepositions ( of, at, in , on, to ) to complete the sentences below. 1. He was full of admiration ------ the way she had chaired the meeting. 2. The rise in interest rates had had a considerable effect -------- sales of furniture and kitchen appliances. 3. By taking them over we shall gain access ------------ new markets. 4. We have every confidence ----- your organizing ability. 5. I hope they find a solution------- this storage problem soon ! 6. To cater for the growing interest --------- information technology, we have had to put on three extra courses this year. 7. Is there any chance ---------- seeing you about this some time today ? 8. We need to put more emphasis -------- improving staff morale rather than buying more equipment. 9. Have you had any experience ------- this type of work ? 10. There seemed to be little point ----- continuing the discussion
Feb 8, 2022 2:16 PM