Winter has come. The year has almost elapsed. But the one this has just started. It's #moreфон2020 organised by @mechanicalsea and his wife @pinky_art. I've been hesitating over taking part in it since this stuff began. And I'm finally here. The participants and I are going to write a handful of sentences in foreign languages (as for me, I'll write in English et peut-être en francais mais j'suis pas sûr) in order to practice 'em and get rid off fear and shyness. So, let's get started! #moreфон2020 DAY 1/30. Greeting. Hello there! My name's Anton. I'm from Kursk, Russia. I'm post-graduate student of the Kursk State Medical University and a junior researcher at General Pathology Reseach Institute. I'm keen on reading books, watching TV series, listening to music. Feel free to comment! Salut! Je m'appelle Anton. J'habit à Koursk, Russie. J'suis étudiant de troisième cycle et chargé de recherche. J'aime lire des livres, regarder séries TV et écouter la musique. C'est comme ça! #moreфон_italki
Dec 1, 2020 11:17 AM