Tivolla Rosse
Day 1. A piece from a novel " Princess. Return" The phone rang. Mouse. I smiled. How pleasant it is to work not only to get money, but also for the soul. Lis did not know that I had another source of income. And I was just saving money. I decided to leave for Peter. Tired of living in limbo. I wanted certainty, action and an understanding of the future in general. - Hello, - I said with a smile, - What's interesting? - Hi, Caramel, - said the Mouse, - How about remembering the past? - What exactly are you talking about? - I said with a laugh in my voice, - I have so many of them. - Race, Caramel, - said the Mouse, - We need a good navigator. And in my memory, you were the best in your time. - Sounds tempting, Mouse, - I answered, - When and where? - In two weeks, - said the Mouse, - We have here, in Murmansk. While night reigns and you can arrange races in the evening. - With extreme considering our weather, - I said, - I'm in business. Who else will be? - I, you, - began the Mouse, - Most likely still Forget-me-not, Alex, perhaps Yura. - So say that you want to collect the Lightning, - I laughed, remembering my participation in races in the past, - What are the conditions? - Standard, - voiced the Mouse, - Mark on the point, who passes the track faster, that and sneakers. - Cool, - I said, - The main thing is that it would coincide with my weekend or the end of work. - Got it, - said the Mouse, - We'll arrange it. See you. -Bye, I said. The mood became instantly good. Racing is good. I love the speed and excitement of the competition. And if the team also gets together, everything is generally gorgeous. I was going home in anticipation. I knew the city well, but I still have to walk the streets, see now how everything is. Otherwise, any obstacle will cost us time. And I don't like to lose.
Dec 1, 2020 8:07 PM