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Hi everyone. I am Kat,33 years old. I really want to learn and improve my English. Here i am looking for partners who want to like to help. There's anyone would you help me?
Nov 22, 2020 2:03 AM
Answers · 74
Hello Kat. I'd like to help you, just add me or send me a message here on iTalki 🙂
8 days ago
I'm here from Vietnam, would you like to practise with me now?
8 days ago
Hey, my name is sanjana malhotra 😉 so I will help u 😊
8 days ago
Hey Kat! Would you like joint with me? Thank you ☺️
8 days ago
Hi there, I can help you to improve your English language learning. I am an air pilot officer and widower from California in the United States. Do kindly DM a reply to me back. Thanks.
7 days ago
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