José Andrés
Community Tutor
Hello guys, I want to start with an excecise to improving my english and boost my level, besides for selfcimrprovement so here is my idea, I am going to write all my day with every single detail on it, and here is my first day. How I acted today ? well, today was a goodday. I didn't have any sort of problems and I visited my granny at her store, because I help her when my father isn't in the city and I also help her in the weekends. But getting back to the point, in my grandmother's store I full up the fridges with soda and beers. in my work verything was doing OK, i have to give toolls and so many oter thingds because I am in tool crib and I also have to do inventory of everything. That was everything for tofay, it was a little short but I hope with the next weeks I will write more and more
Dec 1, 2021 4:52 AM