Menu design The menu is not just a list of possible restaurant services, but also its business card. The size of the menu sheet corresponds to the A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm), located horizontally. During the development, a choice was made in favor of a luxurious dark background tone with texture. In addition, on the right side of the sheet there are images of seasonings, and in some sections there are illustrations of dishes. All this awakens the appetite. The logo (size 16.5 cm in diameter) is located on the cover in the lower right corner against the background of a steak. The list of dishes and drinks is decorated in the same style. The names are oriented in two columns, this allows you to better navigate the menu. The price is shown on the right and highlighted in a brighter color. Text is decorated in warm beige and brown tones, which relaxes and contrasts with the background. The fonts used are "Bernard MT Condensed" (size 34 for sections) and "Liberation Sans Narrow" (size 25 for the name of the dish and size 17 for its description). The restaurant is located near the sea, next to various boutiques, so it is a great place to relax for both the whole family and for men left waiting for their wives while they make purchases. Just like in ancient times, when wives were waiting for husbands and sons with a catch.
Dec 1, 2021 8:15 PM