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I'm not sure how to send a picture but here are my results. English language level: C2 scored higher than 99% of other language learners Comment: Has anyone gotten 100%? Language goals: read Shakespeare, appreciate more works of literature. Tips for learning: read and listen to English regularly. I also teach English classes :) Chinese (Mandarin) language level (ll): C2 scored higher than (s>t) 98% of other language learners (ooll) Comment (C): Not sure why it's 98% and not 99%. Language goals (Lg): appreciate more aspects of Chinese culture which is so diverse and rich, and learn more ancient/classical Chinese. Learning tips (Lt): listen to more native speakers and try speaking to master the pronunciation. I also offer Chinese classes :) German ll: C2 s>t 97% ooll C: This was a surprise to me, it cheered me up :) Lg: to reach C2 and native level! Lt: find a good teacher like Marion :) Japanese ll: C2 s>t 96% ooll C: I'm fresh out of a 5-day Japanese all-out challenge, but it is still a big surprise to me, a pleasant one :) Lg: to have C2/native level! Lt: find something that motivates you. Korean ll: B2 s>t 76% ooll C: Again, a pleasant surprise and a good motivator :) Lg: to reach B2 and beyond! Lt: find a good teacher like Heart! :) Spanish ll: C1 s>t 89% ooll Lg: learn grammar and pronunciation. Lt: join Spanish classes. French ll: B2 s>t 79% ooll C: This was harder as they asked a lot of grammar questions Lg: learn grammar. Lt: use TV monde :) Italian ll: C2 s>t 98% ooll C: This was easier as there were few, if any, grammar questions. Lg: officially "start" learning Italian Lt: find a reason to learn and persevere on! Overall comment: I think my score seems high because a lot of questions has to do with vocabulary. When it comes to grammar, I make more mistakes. Pronunciation is another thing I need to learn. To italki: It'd be great if we got answers to the questions afterwards! :)
Dec 1, 2021 11:36 PM
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Why are you so skilled with all those languages! Haha that is so impressive :D I think when it comes to vocab, there is never enough! Just plain old infodumping here and there and it will work eventually out ^^ when it comes to grammar it requires a bit more dedication and effort. But it will eventually come when you increase your exposure with your target language sort of naturally imo ^^
December 3, 2021
omg, Kai, you are such a polyglot!! OH MY GOD😱😱😱🤭🤭 this is really IMPRESSIVE!🤝👍 you are a good motivation example for other learners like me 😉
December 4, 2021
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