[Deactivated user]
How consumerism is obliviate about quality. A new movie is coming out about an asteroid that threatens earth, and because the movie is new it gets a lot of publicity. The sheer fact that it's new makes it desirable for humans beings. Consumerism knows that the quest for novelty is ingrained in the fabric of human beings, so new movies pop up every year together with all kinds of 'new' products and often needles upgrades. The problem with that is that we can only devour so much, and when we're fed, we are full and our attention is dulled, so that caring about an 'old' movie from 1999 we never saw about the same topic, an asteroid threatening earth, would be too much to ask. So what quality was once created becomes lost in the shadow of newness. The newness of a thing does not say anything about its quality. Consumerism doesn't care about quality; it only cares about how much money can be made. Consumerism, like a machine run amok, spits out new things all the time. If someone tells you they just have to see the new movie on Netflix, ask then if they've seen Armageddon, and if the answer is no, ask them if novelty means more to them than quality. What's the best movie about an asteroid threat - clearly it is Armageddon, but that doesn't matter to consumerism, because now a new cow has to be milked. Beware of novelty. It will deceive you. Let quality be your guide.
Dec 2, 2021 2:25 PM