Jonas Naumann
Is learning without marks better for our students? Yesterday I watched a documentation about students who are getting no marks at school. In the comment section were people discussing about the advantages and disadvantages. Now I want to find arguments for and against getting marks. First I heard one student saying: 'I can estimate my performance better while I get marks. Then I know I understood the topic.'. There are a lot of students who are getting marks saying this. An other argument is that students know exactly what they have to learn until which day. This is better for estimating learning time and gives a scructure. I personally am sure that there are other methods out there to give good feedback about the performance so now I want to look for arguments for that. One big pro is that ýou have less performance pressure. Every student should learn in his or her own speed. And if there is only one week until the test it is stress. The student asks himself: "Am I good enough?". And this is an obsolte question. This student can learn without marks more relaxed, but this requires a good organisation. Many people are saying that marks are not fair. And yes they are not fair. Every teacher gives the same test from the same student a different mark. And this is not fair in comparison with other students. Even though they have written almost the same. If marks were more fair many people could like them. To sum up there are a lot more opinions out there to this topic. Some students can estimate their performance with it. Others hate it because they are not fair. I personally think there have to be a different system how students get rated.
What do you think about getting marks?
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Nov 23, 2021 5:27 AM