Madelyn BritishEng
Professional Teacher
Do you think listening to English pop songs can improve your listening skills, increase your vocabulary, and even your pronunciation? Absolutely! As you listen to the lyrics, you'll be exposed to new English words. Listening to English music is an activity that you can do regularly. The key is to listen to as many English songs as possible every single day. And don’t forget to sing too! Yes, sing! As you are listening to some songs, try to sing along. While you're imitating the sounds of words, your tongue will become more accustomed to English shapes and sounds, and you'll find that you are improving in your pronunciation. Why not try it now? Play some English music in the background while you are doing any activity. Soon you will notice that you are singing along… in English!
Which do you think is the best genre (style or category) of music to learn from?
Rap/Hip Hop
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Nov 23, 2021 10:41 AM