Proposal for the International Festival in London Introduction As young people tend to be in the dark about Russia and Russian culture, I would suggest introducing its peculiarity with help of music and traditional cuisines. Musical mount To illustrate Russian unicity might help classical music. This country contains many genius composers and professional musicians of the past and present. Many of them are famous and it could be a hook to arouse attention to this mount. There are still new talents that are ready to display their compositions. People would be eager to see new musical stars, descendants of Rachmaninov’s, Chaikovkiy’s. Therefore the idea to perform their pieces of work should kindle people’s interest. National cuisines’ mount What is more illustrative and gives positive emotions than providing a refreshment tray. In the middle of the day people are tired and tend to relax and having a bite with traditional Russian food would be to the point. Famous pelmeni, pancakes with caviar and borsh is the best way to lift anyone’s mood and illustrate old Russian traditions. History of cuisine can be combined with the geography and history of the country. In such way, applying these aspects, it might be not only educational, but also interesting and memorable for young people. They would get some knowledge about Russia and spend quality time.
Feb 12, 2021 1:46 PM
Language Skills
English, German, Russian, Serbian
Learning Language
English, German, Serbian