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Many overseas people might have heard or knew the Chinese New Year or the Chinese Spring Festival. And might know that Chinese will reunite with families, have a big meal, decorate house, wear new clothes , greet each other and have one-week national days off for workers. But do you know the detailed schedule of traditional custom during the time ? Definitely, the Chinese new year will last(continue?) about half a month in the folk. This doesn't embrace the time buying food, fruits, vegetables, meats and snacks stuffs for serving the guests. Generally, people will visit the relatives each other from the January the first to the sixth in lunar calendar. And uncle's family will before at least the January the fourteenth present one or a pair of lantern and some snacks or some stuffs that nephews or nieces like, for example stationery, cute toys, etc. There are many great celebration events on the fifteenth, for instance, play firework, dragon dance, lions dance and gala, even more local special opera or pray bless in temples. The fifteenth day is the well-known Lantern Festival. Down to now the events of Chinese new year ends basically, and people recover to the common quiet life.
Feb 14, 2021 2:36 PM