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Nakadia is set to publish her autobiography. The Thai-German DJ Nakadia took to Instagram yesterday to announce that she had finished writing her autobiography. She added that she will personally deliver 500 copies of limited editions that contain her autograph, starting this Wednesday. Introducing the main topic of the book, she said, “My story is not a typical DJ-story. It’s about finding my way out of poverty, believing in myself and keep going forward no matter how hard or difficult the road ahead seemed to be.” This announcement is attracting wide attention from her fans, as they can have a closer look at the life of Nakadia, who was born into a poor farming family in Thailand and pulled herself by her bootstraps to become a powerhouse techno DJ in Germany. Nakadia’s introspective autobiography is titled, “Positive Energy.” *한국말 공부하시는 분들은 아래 링크에서 한국말이랑 같이 읽어보세요! 중상급자 이상 되시는 분들한테 추천해 드려요. :) https://theasiansculture.com/nakadia-to-publish-biography-positive-energy/
Feb 15, 2021 1:09 AM