Caroline 姚芷馨
hhh,it's a interesting question that let me realize that my idea had changed. In the past year, the answer may be a beautiful suit 、a delicious dinner. But now, I will pay them on classes I need or I like. Such as the piano class,English class. hh Only the capability is the best gift.
Feb 15, 2021 10:29 AM
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This is an interesting question that made me realize that my thoughts have changed. In the past year, the answer might have been beautiful clothes or a delicious dinner. But now I will spend it on classes I need or like. Such as piano classes or English classes. Being able to do these things is the best gift.
A good try. What the question is asking you to do is use 'If' and will or would. If I have spare money at the end of the month, I will have an extra English class. (This is possible, it doesn't need too much money) If I had more money, I would buy expensive clothes. (Maybe this is not possible because you need a lot more money. You are just imagining)
February 15, 2021
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