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The last couple of weeks, i`ve been watching a Netflix series. The name of the series is Designated Survivor. The story of Designated Survivor begins with a bombing attack of the US Congress where everybody of the American government dies. Including the president, vice president and the whole congress. Finally, the minister of homes and living, Tom Kirkmann, is named the new President of the US. He is suffering a constant attack from different politician parties and pressure groups, and has to fight against terrorists and manage every kind of catastrophes. From my point of view, the series is not only extremely exciting and interesting, I also love the main character, Tom, because he is a really smart, honest and different as the typical politicians. Part of his everyday life is taking impossible decisions, like deciding about millions of lives, and sometimes about who lives and who has to die. As if that wasn`t enough pressure, he also has terrible intrigues against him. Tom`s character isn`t a Superhero, he`s neither perfect, but he is natural, honest, empathic and smart and has untouchable values. Being president of the United States seems to be a 24/7, really taff and stressful job.
Feb 17, 2021 4:11 PM