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Xin'an Evening News, Anhui Network, Dawan Client News, on January 25 th, a video of "Man driving a helicopter for 600 kilometers to go home for the New Year" fleshed short video platforms. Netizens said that "will there be traffic jams in the air when flying?"This is to fly a long distance, is it too late to go home for dinner? But some netizens questioned,"Can private jets fly at will? Not subject to air traffic control?" On January 26 th, reporters from Xin'an Evening News and Dawan client interviewed Zhang Jixing, the pilot in the video. He was from Bengbu, Anhui province, and has been an enthusiast of flying for more than ten years. The video was taken on a remote farm in the suburb of Wuhe County, Bengbu city. Netizens discussed it hotly, and the parties clarified that the farthest is only one or two kilometers. Put on headphones, turn on electric supply, call ground crew, turn on oil pump, engage clutch, turn on horizon meter...... A set of skilled take off process ends and a 6-meter-long plane starts to take off. On January 26 th, the reporter saw from the video clip that the pilot was riding the helicopter alone, taking off on the wide lawn, turning backwards and flying forward. It can also be seen in the video that the plane flies in a wide farmland and lawn, and there are not many surrounding houses. Once the video was released, it caused heated discussions on the internet. Some netizens expressed amazement and curiosity, "will there be traffic jams when flying home?"It is handsome to handle brake", some netizens also questioned" Is it legal and compliant for private helicopters? Will it have any impact?"Helicopters are too noisy. How do people around you live? There is also a small number of netizens who think"how can these small planes fly 600 kilometers? It must be the blogger to seek publicity" So, who is driving the helicopter? Can private helicopters fly in the air again? On January 26 th, the reporter contacted Zhang Jixing, the pilot in the v
Jan 27, 2021 9:53 AM
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