That was a serial, the name of serial is a Colony, there are 3 seasons, each season has 12-13 episodes, so i watched all seasons in 3 week, the film is set in LA, alliens arrived to the earth, and they have a technology to beat all countries army, but during the film viewers recognize that the part of people knew about that arrival, and now they coloborate with alliens. The main thought in that film isn’t a battle between people and allience, actually it’s a battle between people who betryed and people who tryes to struggle. I like kind of that fiction films. Unfortunately they stopped to shoot the film after therd episode, it’s a bad and sad thing about that film, because all people who watched all edisodes of that film they looking forward to see the endind, but produsers made decision to stop shooting film because the last episode didn’t get a lot of views.
Apr 18, 2021 6:39 AM
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It was a series called Colony. There are 3 seasons: each with12-13 episodes, and I watched them all in 3 weeks. It is set in LA, where aliens have arrived on Earth, with the technology to beat any country's army. We soon learn that some people knew about their arrival, and are now collaborating with the aliens. The main theme of the series, is a battle between the people who have betrayed their fellow humans and those who are trying to resist, rather than a battle between people and the aliens. I like this kind of fiction film. Unfortunately, they stopped shooting after the third season, which is sad, because everyone who watched it was looking forward to seeing the ending. The producers made the decision to stop shooting because the last season didn’t get many views.
This is great work, Ravil! 🙂 There are not a lot of mistakes in your text, but I would say that it is is a little too "wordy". You will notice that I have shortened the text by removing words that seem to be unnecessarily repetitive. Try to be a bit more precise in your choice of words. (for example think about whether you want to talk about film, season, or series- they are not all the same...) Also, think about making paragraphs 😉
Apr 18, 2021 7:40 AM
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