I'll tell you about the next part of my experience of English. When I was in high school, I went to Australia and Singapore for school trip. Originally, I was not good at speaking English, and I couldn't take up English class in the school. I hadn't had enough English skill to enjoy conversations but I went to Australia. Of course I couldn't communicate with my host family and friends well. I'm frustrated so much that I couldn't speak English, for the first time. Then I started studying English seriously. Three months after that, I went to Singapore. When I talked with university students there, I thought that English is joyful. This delight encouraged me. And, next year was exam year for university. At first, I was going to take French literature departments. I had an experience in overseas and shocked the difference of life culture in Australia and Singapore. Also I'm interested in linguistic and learning strategy for foreign language. For these reason, I changed to take cross-cultural studies departments. Now I'm studying linguistic and cultural studies. Through going abroad, I realized I really like English and foreign cultures much more than French literature. Going abroad changes your world you're seeing, don't you think?
May 18, 2021 3:37 PM
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