Day 15/30 Hi everyone! Today the first half of the moreфон2020 has finished! My congratulations to everyone who hasn't give up yet! 🎉 Hope, the second half will be so great like the first one! Well, I think it could be great to write about some places in Russia to tell someone who hasn't heard about them before and to improve my English. Of course, I'd like to write about my last trips but unfortunately, because of the COVID-19, I can't travel anywhere. So, I will write about some places I know quite well. Now, I want to write about a russian town called Borovsk. My country house is near it, so I visit this place every summer. Borovsk is a small provincial town with the great history and architecture. It is located between cities called Moscow and Kaluga and it takes one hour to go there by a car from Moscow. Borovsk is quite old (it's founded in 1356), so there are some very beautiful old churches and monasteries, like . Also, this town is a center of russian old believers (orthodox christians who hasn't accepted the church reform of Patriarch Nikon of Moscow in 1653). So, in this city you can meet them (they always have beards) and visit their churches. I think it is very interesting! In addition, the great russian very famous sciencist and 'father of our cosmonautics' Konstantin Tsiolkovsky had been living there for ten years and there is his museum and his monument. Also, there is very nice nature near Borovsk: forests, fields, rivers... That's all for today! Sorry that my text was so long :) Hope, one day you will visit this beautiful place! :)
Dec 15, 2020 8:59 PM
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This place is now added in my wishlist for holiday destinations. It's so beautiful.
December 16, 2020