Day 17. ¡Hola! It's difficult again to make up what to write about. Usually when I don't know what to write about I write about football, but it's a bit strange theme for language challenge. But what about football vocabulary? Football definitely has bigger vocabulary in English than in Russian. For example - 'the nutmeg' - you can't translate it directly in Russian. Firstly you can judge more clearly about positioning on the pitch. By the way it's a pitch, not a 'field'. Starting with goalkeeper. I was surprised but not all of my friends knew that the word 'goal' could be translated in Russian. It just means 'ворота' so when commentators sometimes call goalkeeper 'страж ворот' they are quite close to the original meaning. I would rather say 'хранитель ворот'. So 'goal' initially 'мяч в воротах'. But now who cares? Next defensive line. Two or three central back and two full back on the sides. (Back is another word for defender). Next - midfielders (and there they use 'field', but I suppose it came to football from another sport) and then an 'offencive line' (it's interesting that not an 'attacking line', but I heard 'attacking' sometimes as well) What's the difference between 'attacking' and 'defensive'?🤔 Striker /forward is much clearer in English than the same names in Russian. And I would like to pay attention 'offside/inside'. We use offside as well, but we never use 'inside' although it's very laconic. Cheers!
Dec 17, 2020 7:26 PM