Day 17. On these photos you can see beautiful winter trees...near an eye hospital. Yesterday I hurted my eye (don't ask me how) 😢 At first I didn't realise how bad situation is and I went to a quiz (it was the last quiz before the long break. And we were the 2nd again). Of course I didn't make any photos in the bar because the eye was a little bit red. In the morning the situation became worse, my eye was puffed up😑 So we had to go to the hospital. Now it's better but the eye still hurts. And I will need to treat it for 7 days 😣 By the way while I was on my way to the quiz yesterday my friend sent me a message that she and her husband were heading to a cinema because it's the last day when they show "Back to the future" ☹️ It was shown only for 1 week. I had to say that I can't go with them (even though we were going to see it together). Not the best day in my life (today too). Sorry for my mistakes, I am very tired.
Dec 17, 2020 8:30 PM