Day 18/30 Hi everyone! Today I want to write about the beautiful place in Russia, which I like very much and know quite well. It is a town near Saint-Petersburg called Petergof. My grandparents live there and usually I visit them twice a year, so I has been to Petergof a lot of times. Well, this town isn't a town actually, because it is so close to Saint-Petersburg and it's often called like a part of the big city in the suburbs. Maybe, I can compare it with London and Watford (but I'm not sure). Petergof isn't a usual area, because of its remarkable attractions. First of all, I mean the Petergof Palace and the Park of the Cascades by that. They were built by the great russian emperor Peter the Great after his trip to Paris. He was amazed by the Palace of Versailles and dreamt to build its analogue in Russia. And he has done it! After him the Petergof palace was a residence of the russian emperors and now, it is a museum, of course. It is really beautiful! Palaces, the park, a lot of cascades and the access to the sea... There is this Palace at the picture. :) Also, there are some other parks of the Tsardom of Russia which aren't so popular for tourists but despite this, they are incredibly pretty too. I mean the parks called 'Alexandria' and 'Sergievka'. I like to walk there very much and advise you to visit this wonderful place someday! :)
Dec 18, 2020 3:02 PM
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Hello.. How are you
December 18, 2020
This palace is beautifu.
December 19, 2020
Oh, just detected. 18/30, of course! :)
December 18, 2020