Alex Pérez LR
Do you believe in time travels? Recently I've watched a tv show about time travels on Netflix. I was wondering if it could actually be possible or if it's just a sci-fi thing and cannot happen in real life. It would be amazing to be able to jump back in time a couple of hundreds of years and see how the life was back then. Nowadays we have a good grasp on how the life could possibly be in past centuries but being able to witness it with our own eyes, that would be epic. Unfortunately, according to several papers that I've read about time travel, including some of the most well-known books of Stephen Hawkings, jumping back in time could bring a bunch of paradoxes that might compromise its existence. For instance, imagine that you travel back in time, to a day before you were born and kill your father, how could you be born in first place to be able to accomplish that task? If you kill your father, you will never be born, if you are never born you can't kill your father.. and so, we fall in an infinite loop. Going forward in time, on the other hand, could be more feasible. And I'll explain why in my next post.
Apr 10, 2021 10:21 PM
Alex Pérez LR
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