Yulia Sari
Hi Everyone, Hope you have been doing well. I'm looking for Dutch native speakers who can help me practice the language. I have been learning Dutch at Erasmus Huis for couple of months so my Dutch level now is Basic to Intermediate. I understand basic coversations and also simple articles or children books However it's difficult for me to speak so If anyone interested in helping me please let me know. In return if you want to learn or Indonesian I would be so happy to help you. Have a nice weekend.
Nov 28, 2020 3:30 PM
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Hi Yulia! I am new to the platform and if you would like to, I'd be glad to give my first trial or lesson to you 😊 You say that you need to improve on your speaking. Do you have specific problems with pronunciation or is it your fluidity in general that you want to build up? I have been giving free lessons to a native Indonesian speaker outside of this platform and I noticed some particular bottlenecks when it comes to some letters. Either way, I am currently not learning Indonesian, But I am interested in Indonesia Ciao!
December 11, 2020