Anastasiia Malaia
Day 1 New Lextra fanfiction "She made me see colours". 1st chapter is to be published in 1-2 days on ao3. "In all the hiatus Director totally forgot that she didn't see colours. In the world where people saw everything in greys till their soulmate called them by their name, most of them would say goodbye to black-and-white sight sooner or later. In her family only Alex herself and little Anita saw grey. Kara's view got bright once she met Lena, Eliza had been married to the love of her life and never stopped seeing colours after his death, Astra was surprised by getting an opportunity to appraise Alex's haircolour since the day they met, but the redhead... She saw dimmed dark green and blue ince she and the General confronted each other, but her sight had never been full-scale. Not even when they married. Not when Alex gave birth. Not when she got sick. Not when she took numerous tablets. Tetrabenazine. Olanzapine. Oxazepam. Amantadine. Mirtazapine... Not when her muscles started failing her. Not when she couldn't say if she was hungry or not. Not when she couldn't survive a day without a pull for alcohol (which Astra overthrew in the stem). Not when she couldn't escape obsessive ideas. Not even when she decided to die in the Netherlands".
Dec 1, 2020 3:16 PM