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Hi, Italki! Welcome to my English and German morethon! I'm Jana. Nice to meet you! How is it going? I'm from Russia, now I live in St. Petersburg. I like this city, but sometimes there are not enough  sunny days. Here I want to improve my English and German and I have so reasons for that. Firstly I want to work at the cool international company and my language skills are so important for job. Secondly I want to watch movies or serial without subtitles. Thirty I studied German and English so long time and I want to feel more fluently in languages. Of course, I would be call next reason - travel, but it's not so easy now. A little information about me - I'm 28, I like listening a good music, reading a good books and sometimes I like to cook. The last serials, which I liked, was Dark (it’s German serial on Netflix) and I’m finishing a music school so long time ago and want to play piano again. I’m interested in study languages, travel and go to the concert of my favorite band. Now tell me please about yourself. I would be happy to read about you. And, of course, I want to say Hi my teachers on Italki! See you soon! Best regards, Jana
Dec 1, 2020 6:19 PM