Kuzneteov Artyom
Post in English #moreфон2020 day 1/31 Greeting Well, hello again, this is my second post today. In my first post I have already said basic information about me, so I won’t repeat it again. Why did I decide to write two post every day? I Iive and study in Czech Republic on language course. My new task for this year is learn the Czech language at the B2 level. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 I have problems with my studying. I don’t have enough practice writing in Czech language and I want to fix it. But except it I want to continue writing my post in English and put a big dot. I joined to moreфон last year and after its end I didn’t finish to write. Regarding this I was writing yesterday more detail. I’m not afraid to write posts in English or another language already , because I’ve already done this for a year. But I want to improve my skills, especially skills in Czech language. Unfortunately, after end of the last moreфон I didn’t have people who could read my every single post and rate it. And then I’m very happy to be a part of this another year. Well, before I will finish the post I want to say something else. I have one own rule. When I started to write posts in English I increased the number of sentences in the text by one. I should have 16 sentences in December. I hope now, with two languages and studying I’ll stick with you until the end, bye. P.S sorry if this is too boring, I’m exhausted today and I have a test tomorrow.
Dec 1, 2020 8:58 PM