Day 2/30 Hi everyone! I'm 15 years old and now I study in school, of course. But because of the pandemic, we have onlain lessons in Internet now. It is awful! And it brings all teachers and students a lot of problems and we have to spend too much time with our computers, so it isn't good for our health. But for me there is one plus here: I got used to study in Internet and started to educate myself here more, when I have a time. And now I watch in Internet an educational course by one art historian about West-European art of the Middle Ages. Today and two days before I 'visited' these lessons about miniatures from ancient books. Before that I didn't know a lot about this form of art, so I was really surprised, how miniatures (books' illustrations) were developed in the Middle Ages. They were absolutely amazing! And every miniature was individual and unique. Some of them have a lot of small figures, which you can consider for a long time, some of them are really expressive and seem like modern art, some of them look like a magic space with flowers and intricate ornaments... I think, it is remarkable art. And it became more remarkable, when you understand that it was created ten centuries ago! So, now the Middle Ages' painting, which people often forget about, because of the more famous Renaissance, is one of the inseperante (and maybe, one of the most stunning) parts of that time and that art. Do you like the West-European medieval art? Which forms of these art do you like more than others? What are miniatures for you? PS: There is an incredible miniature from the 'Lindisfarne Gospels' from England in the eighth century.
Dec 2, 2020 8:42 PM