Alina Prokudina
Something enlightening Today I am describing my favorite teacher - just as simple as that. I can not recall anyone inspiring enough from school or university, but there was a man in college who deserved to appear on my diary 🤭 Inspiration and illumination that he gave is the core reason for him to be the best teacher in my life experience. And that's what a profound teacher should do, I suppose. However he was strict and took discipline very seriously, even the worst performance students attended his lectures, because they were smart, structural, logical and engaging. Other than that, first 10 minutes of every lesson were devoted to revising the previous topics. It could be any topic since the beginning of the course and any student to be asked. It was stressful. On the bright side, the whole group ended up with the strong knowledge of the subject.
Dec 3, 2020 10:05 AM